The Superette is a concept owner Jennifer Binney has had in mind for years. Growing up on Maui there was a store called Pukalani Superette – they sold groceries, beer, farm stuff, clothes, some hardware items, candy etc. Jennifer loved the idea that whatever day you popped in it would be an unexpected shopping moment, with lots of variety.

Based on this idea of “unexpected shopping,” she thought of creating a collaborative space of art, home, object, and mainstream items that would offer this same experience. So Aloha Superette was born!

Aloha Superette is located in Kailua in a small space, and the goal is to have a retail moment that could also moonlight as a venue for art openings, book signings, live music etc. For Jennifer, it is a way to share with Hawaii what she sees when traveling, and it’s a way to share Hawaii with people when they come to visit.