Blume Surfer Beauty Tonic
Blume Surfer Beauty Tonic
Blume Surfer Beauty Tonic
$ 40.00

Ingestable Beauty.
A sun protecting, glow-inducing skin tonic for surfers and beach lovers. This potent formula will hydrate from the inside, with the added benefit of increased clarity and hormone regulation.

Ingredients: USA-grown Schisandra Concentrate, Medicinal-grade White Peony granules, Medicinal-grade Lycium granules.

Add 1/2 teaspoon to 8 oz of any hot or cold liquid to keep your skin hydrated and protected pre- and post-sun/surf.

These beautifying adaptogenic herbs modulate our response to stress whether physical, environmental, or emotional. Add a touch of stevia, rose water, and goji berries for a perfect beach tonic.

Keep jar in refrigerator tightly sealed.

Made in Maui